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All Day Breakfast 

Classic • $7.50

Egg, Bacon, Slow Roasted Tomato, Cheddar on English Muffin 

Gouda Morning - $7
Egg, Gouda Cheese, Slow Roasted Tomato, Spinach, on English Muffin
Gouda Egg and Bacon • $7

Egg, Gouda Cheese, Bacon on English Muffin

Sausage Egg N Cheese - $8
Shroomer - $7
Dijon roasted mushrooms, Egg, and Asiago Cheese on English Muffin
Goat Cheese and Mushroom - $8
Egg, goat cheese and roast mushrooms on English Muffin
Tofu Sandwich - $7.50
Slow roasted tomato, tofu, spinach, sun-dried tomato pesto and vegan cheese on English Muffin
Roast Tomato, Bacon and Cheese Frittata - $15
Mushroom and Cheese Frittata - $15
Very Berry French Toast - $14
Sausage Stack - $12
Sausage, egg and cheese stacks
Lunch/Dinner Sandwiches

Club Sandwich - $18
Roast tomato, roast chicken breast, cheese and bacon with fries
Meatball Sandwich • $19

Meatballs, san Marzano sauce and asiago cheese on ciabatta bun with fries

Roasty Toasty - $18
Roast chicken roast mushrooms, spinach and asiago on ciabatta with fries
Egg and Kimchi Sandwich - $19
Egg, kimchi on ciabatta with fries
Tofu Sandwich - $19
Vegan pesto sun-dried tomato spread, roast tomato, tofu and spinach on ciabatta bun with fries


Crostini - $15
Choose six of any of the following combinations:
Slow Roasted tomato over goat cheese
Olive & pesto  (vegan)
Roast Mushroom and goat cheese
Cauliflower Bites - $15
Baked bites with a side hot sauce and aioli sauce ask about vegan
Sampler 1 - $18
Cauliflower Bites and French Fries (vegan)
Sampler 2 $26
Meatballs, fries and cauliflower bites
Vegan Sausage Rolls Plate - $12
Ward IV Fries - $14
Bacon, and  cheese atop French fries with side of  garlic aioli
Meatballs - $18
San Marzano sauce, meatballs and crostini
Pasta and Meatballs - $24
House Salad - $17
Mixed greens, cucumber, roast red pepper, tomato and asiago cheese with light vinaigrette​, make it vegan:)


Magic Torte - $8.50
Graham crust, chocolate peanuts and sweetened condensed milk
White Chocolate Brownie Cake $10.50
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Cheesecake - $10.50

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